I firmly believe we all have the capabilities to make art, and my workshops are aimed at de-mystifying the process and making it accessible to all.

I am available to run workshops on the following:

  • Abstract design using collage silhouettes (2 days)
  • Abstract design and applique (2 days)
  • Photo collage (2 days)
  • Fabric printing, to include monoprinting - (2 days)
  • Fabric and paper preparation using dyes,crayons,wax and paint (2 or 3 days)
  • Fabric printing using screens and thermofax (2 days)
  • Mixed media collage including some materials preparation (2 or 3 days)
  • Inspiration to working designs - making your sketchbook work for you (2 or 3 days)
  • Moving design into finished pieces - as a follow on to previous workshop (2 days)

Examples of most of these can be seen either in the galleries or on my blog. Please do ask for further details if you are unclear!

Many of these could be combined to make a 4 or 5 day retreat/summer school etc. This allows students to spend time making materials, developing designs and then produce their own unique work. This option is also more feasible if you need me to travel long distances

I am also very happy to discuss any particular interests or combinations you might want - please just e-mail and ask.

I am no longer running one day workshops (apart from those already booked) as I feel two days at least are needed in order for students to get the best from my approach ... it's just too exhausting otherwise!

I charge £225 per day and petrol at 45p/mile

I charge £120 for a talk, but can only do these in conjunction with a workshop - sorry!


I also occasionally teach in other venues - details here:

Workshops at the Bramble Patch, Weedon, Daventry


'Silhouettes and Collage - A Bit of

November 8&9 2013

Come and enjoy making a wonderfully lively quilt hanging using abstract collage with your favourite animal or bird (even both!) used as a silhouette on top.

On day one we will be looking at simple ways to produce an abstract collage background, working up some designs and choosing one to use for the final piece. We will then choose fabrics and get the collage laid down.

On day two we will machine/hand stitch our background and choose our silhouette images. These will be applied to our piece and then we will look at adding decorative stitching, again by machine or hand, to enhance our final hanging.

We will also look briefly at how to make a mount for the work.

No previous experience is needed and you need have no fear!! … you will go home with a piece you can feel really proud of, plus lots of ideas for future work.



Starts January 2014, then bi-monthly

 Making and Using Personal Fabrics

A series of six, two day workshops, looking at ways to decorate fabrics and papers with personal imagery and pattern. Students
will build a beautiful and wonderfully varied palette of materials and learn how to use them to design and make unique pieces of work. 

Students will work with a theme, either chosen themself or suggested by the tutor if they prefer. This will be decided in
conjunction with the tutor, prior to the first session attended. 

 Session 1: Making and using Stencils, Stamps and Print Blocks

 We will be looking at easy ways to design and make our own stencils and print blocks and then how to use these.  

Stencils will be made using acetate and freezer paper. Print blocks will be made from mouldable foam, adhesive foam sheets, and also 'easy carve' sheets. 

Using these materials, we will investigate working on both paper and fabric, with paints and dyes to produce rich, layered and
uniquely personal imagery for use in our future work. 

We will also look at using, 'found' stamps, commercially
available stamps and stencils and at how these can be integrated in to personal work

Session 2: Making Rubbings, Monoprints and using Resists

In this session we will be making rubbing plates using personal imagery, found textures and natural materials such as feathers,
leaves and grasses. We will investigate how to use these with crayons and wax, together with dyes and paint to produce unique effects.

We will also be working with monoprinting to produce layered and beautifully evocative imagery for use in our work.

Finally in this session we will spend some time working with gesso, aqua wax and soy wax as resists on fabric and paper. These can
give some beautiful and unusual effects


Session3 : Using Screens, to include Thermofax

These two days will be spent having a somewhat irreverent but wonderfully creative examination of the many ways we can use screens in creating personal cloth or paper.  

We will use silk screens with torn paper, stencils, masking tape and natural materials such as leaves or grasses, together with fabric paints and dyes, on both paper and fabric. We will also look at using the screen with crayons, pastel and charcoal, adding another collection of textured and multi layered materials to our stock. 

We will examine how to create designs for thermofax screens, including the use of India ink and carbon pencils. We will then spend some time working with these wonderfully flexible screens, finding out how many ways they can be used to add highly personal imagery to your cloth or paper

Session 4: Recycling/Repurposing fabric and paper, and working back in to previously made materials


The buzz word of our times - it can be very satisfying to recycle old materials and give them a new lease of life in your materials
stash. The underlying imagery also gives another layer of interest and resonance to the materials we produce. 

This session will look at the many different things we can recycle and re-use as a base material for decoration;  from newspaper to bedding, from old quilts to plastic bags, from photographs and digital prints to your bank statement! We will then select techniques from those we have learned and paint/dye and  colour old and found material to add to our materials palette 

We will then look at using inks, pencils, crayons, mediums and foils to work back in to work we have previously done. This may be to rescue a 'duffer'! or to add more detail, or emphasise certain elements in our materials. 

At the end of these four sessions, students who have attended all four will have a very enviable stash of glorious and personal
materials to use as a palette when designing and making work over the next two sessions. Don't worry if you are only able to attend one or two though, as you will still have plenty to work with.

Session 5: Working into Designs: Fabric Led

For the first of our two design sessions, we will work using our fabrics/papers as a starting point for inspiration and designs. You will almost certainly have noticed that ideas have started forming, as we have made our materials over the previous weeks. Now we can look at ways of following those thoughts through in to resolved designs. If such thoughts have not come, or you haven't been able to attend previously, don't worry, as we will look at ideas and techniques to get us off the starting blocks.

Students may choose to work on to design sheets, into a sketchbook or loose sheets, or with small journal style quilts to work through ideas. Or if you prefer to go straight into fabric, then you may choose to start straight away on a final piece.


Session 6: Working into Designs: Theme Led

In this second design session students will work with ideas and techniques for developing theme based designs. We will use our
prepared materials and look at ways of combining these with commercial fabrics and papers if desired. Again - students can choose to work on large design sheets, into a sketchbook, on loose sheets, or with journal style quilts to develop ideas for work.  

If desired, and not already done, students may also now start planning and working on a final piece. 


Throughout all these sessions the emphasis will be on personal choice and development, with the aim of equipping students with the skills and confidence to design and make their own unique work.  The tutor is a successful working artist, who loves to create and firmly believes we all have the capability to do this. A
few skills, growing confidence and loads of enthusiasm are the requisites, and you will get all of these from these sessions.

Each session can stand alone and may be attended as a one off class and will be thoroughly enjoyable and informative as such. However, the sessions are planned as succession of classes and the more sessions attended, the more the student will gain from them. Suitable for any level of knowledge, the atmosphere will be relaxed, informal and supportive. We will have great fun; you will learn loads and wonderful results are guaranteed.

Full materials list will be provided for each session, together with suppliers

The tutor can be contacted on  to discuss any queries and to confirm theme choices. Her work can be seen at