Sketchbook work

Some daily 15 minute sketches - trying to improve my ability to capture something quickly. For more information about these, see my blog posts
Initial sketch of flower arrangement seen at Epsom Flower Festival - just gorgeous alliums
Part of sketch isolated and re-drawn - I like this, but want more than one panel on this occasion
Various parts isolated and re-drawn to form a triptych
Visual journal, together with some 'stuff' to go in: photos, ephemera (aka - bits from my life), cards, papers etc
Some photos of the lakes in Boultham Nature reserve, taken on my morning walk with the dog
Perhaps familiar? - photos taken during a visit to the East coast with Stephen and Dixter - both 'Beach Boy' and 'Master Caster' were developed from these entries
I saw this moor hen whilst walking Dixter at dusk in the winter - the lights were catching the lake and it was a perfect silhouette. I came home and made this entry immediately. The other side records Stephen and I's total inability to resist temptation
Some bits from the newspaper and a rather bad drawing
I love to collect feathers - and on this occasion tried writing and drawing with them
More feathers - this time pasted and overpainted - then rubbings tried on various fabrics and tied in for future reference. I was once told that a white feather is a sign that your guardian angel is watching over you - I will make a quilt about that one day
More 'juggy' pages
Bit of a change - bullrushes collage
tulips again
and another jug